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Adventure Log 01

It’s My Party, and I’ll Die if I Want To

It is 1479 DR, the Year of the Ageless One, and it is Llewellyn’s eighteenth birthday! After months of preparation, you have all managed to pull off a spectacular surprise party, welcoming your friend into the ranks of adulthood. Much of the town has gathered with you in the South Square for the festivities, and the celebration has been going on for some time already. The sun has passed its zenith, though there are still many more hours left in the day, and no one is showing signs of leaving yet.

The southern wall suddenly explodes, sending rubble and dust everywhere. Townspeople begin to scream and flee as goblins race forward through the hole in the wall. In the shock of the explosion, the small attackers are able to fill the southern part of South Square in a matter of moments. As they rush in, two fleeing citizens are cut down.

Standing in the debris of the blasted wall, a shamanistic goblin commands his troupes, erecting a cloud of negative energy in front of Garwan’s Curiosities, obscuring the whole street. The two strongest goblin warriors rush towards the door of the shop, shouting back and forth in their native tongue. Meanwhile, the lesser goblinoids engage the Sons of Flame in combat, as the rest of the town has fled in fear.

Hacking at the door, it takes four goblins to finally break into Garwan’s Curiosities. One of the two elite warriors dashes inside and grabs a dagger from inside a box on Garwan’s front display table.

Try as they might, the invading goblins are unable to leave Loudwater’s town limits alive, and the dagger is recovered from a toasted goblin’s corpse in the rubble of the southern wall. A letter is also found on the corpse of the shaman, but as it is written in Goblin, none of the Sons of Flame are able to read it.

Garwan then emerges from the back of his shop and thanks the group for preventing more damage to his store. He offers the recovered dagger, more of a leather wrapped horn than anything, to them as thanks.

“If’n ye like that,” he says, “I know where ye c’n git more. It was recover’d from th’ Barrow of th’ Ogre King by ol’ Curuvar, an’ he sez there be more where it came from. I’d go m’ownself, but me adventurin’ days’re over.”

The group asks if he can read the letter found on the goblin shaman, but he refers them to Curuvar. Sidrynn offers to pay the ten gold for ritual components if Llewellyn would cast an amanuensis ritual to copy the letter exactly before they hand it over to Curuvar. Llewellyn obliges.

At Curuvar’s, the old wizard hems and haws over the letter, but finally translates it:


“I learned through divination that the totem is in a shop called Garwan’s Curiosities in Loudwater. Go and retrieve it. Use the old barrel of alchemist’s fire.

“You know how important this is. Without the totem, it will be harder to perform the magic. We must get the object back if we are to revive the Ogre King!

“Do not fail. I will continue forward with the magic even if every one of you must be sacrificed. We must get back the totem!

“High Shaman Sancossug”

After handing over the translated letter, the wizard also insists, “By Mystra’s Lost Spell, Sidrynn, you must not pursue this! You are not ready.” He then locks himself in his study.

Naturally ignoring the warning, the Sons of Flame follow the goblins’ tracks through the Southwood. An ill-disguised trail leads through the forest and culminates in a jumble of pale stone ruins. The area is littered with the gnawed bones and visceral remains of various mammals. The trail leads through the mouth of a dwarf’s face carved into one of the still-standing stone walls. Beyond the wall is a wide, grassy courtyard.

Sidrynn is the first to enter the courtyard, naturally sticking to the sides. Llewellyn, on the other hand, barrels right down the middle and the ground suddenly falls away from underneath him. He falls, caught by a well hidden pit trap, and plummets twenty feet before slamming into the ground in a large, torch lit room. The chamber ascends steeply to the west. Goblins stand at the top of the slope, partly obscured by intervening statues of dwarves in armor.

The goblins instantly raise their javelins and throw them, both missing the winded Llewellyn. The rest of the group rushes around the hole up top and climbs down a poorly hidden ladder to come to his aid. As they try to ascend the western slope, two large, hairy goblins charge in to bar their way.

One hard fight later, in which another pit trap is discovered and used to the advantage of the Sons of Flame, they defeat their enemies and are afforded a moment to stop, letting everyone catch their breaths. A door to the north is before them, and the thrill of adventure pulls them forward!

TREASURE: 0 gold [temporary: Horn Totem dagger +1]


Ignas Flamen the third was sitting on the side of a wagon reading. it was Lewellyn’s birthday party, & with it all of the sons of flame would be adults now. Ignis Flamen the third was just considering this fact and whether or not to get another drink, when the wall near him suddenly exploded. Goblins swarmed in and a short fight ensued in which; a few of the other towns folk died, the goblins broke in to a shop, stole an item, the item was recovered by the Sons of Flame, and Ignis Flamen the third noted that perhaps he had to much to drink(at least if his accuracy was any indicator). The Sons of Flame recovered a piece of paper off of one of the goblins and they tried to read it, only to realize that it was probably in goblin, which none of them could read. They showed it to the shop keeper who said that he couldn’t read it either, but that Sidryan’s master, Kuruvar, could. The sons of Flame then Tried to return the item which was stolen from the shop keeper told them to keep it as a thank you for saving his shop.The Sons of Flame went to visit Kuruvar. He translated the message for us, and gave a stern admonition agenst going after the goblins. As soon as he left Ignis flammen the Third turned to Sidryan and said “ so we’re going right?” Sidryan noded and they did. Not long after that we got to the ruins we found a secret passage. Then Lewellyn fell down a hole int the next level and a fight. When we went down to rescue him we found a tough fight but beat it. However during this fight Ignis Flamen the third steped upon a large disk inset in the ground. When he did this he was transported to a place that was silver mist , this lasted an indeterminate amount of time. When Ignis finaly managed to escape Sidryn told hin it had just been a few seconds. Of course as soon as he heard this Ignis Flamen the third claimed that he had been in there for sevral days.

Adventure Log 01

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