Sunday Forgotten Realms

Adventure Log 02

Zombies, and Ogres, and Skulls. Oh, My!

Having discovered, quite by accident, a magical stone disk that seems to teleport creatures to an extra-dimensional plane of nothingness, the Sons of Flame briefly discuss attempting to take it with them. Sidrynn vetoes any further effort on the matter, insisting they focus their strength on overcoming the challenges of the Ogre King’s barrow before they look to other side projects.

“We’re talking tons here,” the young man insists. “I’m not going to carry it!”

Resolving themselves to reality, the rest of the group ceases that discussion and sets their thoughts to what might be coming next.

“They were trying to open that door for a reason,” Ignis points out. “Probably to alert others we were coming.”

“We likely stopped that from happening,” comes Van’s response. The rest think, if his metal face was capable of minute expressions, the iron golem would be smirking as he speaks.

“Okay, so let’s tread lightly from here,” Sidrynn insists, signalling for Llewellyn to open the northern doors.

Before them is revealed a ten-foot wide flagstone hallway that abruptly drops away into a set of stairs at the end. The putrid scent of death wafts from a closed portcullis on the west side of the passage, and a closed stone door seals a chamber on the east. Llewellyn is barely able to suppress a groan of dismay as the reality of the upcoming fight sets in.

“We should try to sneak through here,” he whispers. “Maybe the undead haven’t noticed us yet.”



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