Ignis Flamman III

A cinder genasi swordmage


Ignis is the latest scion in the Flamman adventuring line. Five years after Ignis was born, his father died a glorious death, as his line is wont to do, fighting a dragon from the inside after being swallowed. It is a point of pride that the dragon is reported to have died a few days later from indigestion. Ignis is currently apprenticed to the local smith, Megana Nistral.

He was always a bit of a nerd, often seen reading in his free time, and might have been picked on but for his impressive strength. As a child, Ignis didn’t have many close friends, spending most of his free time practicing his swordsmanship and mage-craft, but he did count Sidrynn as a close ally. Together, the two created the Sons of Flame. He was friendly with a couple other apprentices; however, it was with the members of the Sons of Flame that he truly bonded.

Ignis has recently finished the middle stage of his apprenticeship. His journeyman-piece was a wonderfully intricate scimitar with lovingly etched depictions of the deeds of his forefathers in their final moments of glory, and it is the blade that he wields now. It is his pride and proof of talent.

Tali’ara, Ignis’ mother, gifted him with a set of leather armor with his family crest – a phoenix in flight – featured on the chest piece and right shoulder pad. She explained that this was armor with which all the adventurers of his line started their career. It is a symbol of the ancient deal his family struck,and she refused to explain any more about that deal.

Ignis Flamman III

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